The ESYSTA portfolio

Many compatible devices
Insight for treatment teams
Efficient and safe

“Seeing that I can really have a positive influence on my values has given me courage.”

Regine, ESYSTA patient, 53 years old

“I would like to see a diabetes management system like this become standard in GP medicine as part of digitalization and telemedicine.”

Dr. Marco Krüger, specialist in general medicine, Gnoien


“The seamless recording by ESYSTA enables me to ‘hunt for clues’ when I think my blood sugar levels are inexplicable.”

Stephanie Haak, ESYSTA patient, Berlin

The ESYSTA portfolio.

Many compatible devices
Insight for treatment teams
Efficient and safe

Better and easier
living with diabetes

ESYSTA makes your everyday life with diabetes more pleasant. How does it work? The ESYSTA devices automatically keep your diabetes diary. You measure and inject as usual.

The automatically managed diabetes diary can be shared with the treatment team if desired. Based on the clearly prepared data, therapy can be better adapted to the patient’s needs. With the data already available, even remote treatment options are possible. Blood glucose and insulin levels can be easily checked in everyday life using the ESYSTA traffic light. This makes adequate diabetes self-management very easy to implement – resulting in a high level of motivation on the patient’s part and simplified processes and early intervention options in the practice.

A system with many components

Compatible smart insulin application aids

ESYSTA facilitates the documentation of insulin application with wireless transmission. Various insulin application aids are therefore connected to ESYSTA and are constantly being expanded – on the basis of future-proof interfaces. As a result, there is a large selection of smart devices that automate the documentation of insulin applications. Users not only have the choice, they also save time!

Compatible insulin application aids

Compatible blood glucose measuring systems

ESYSTA facilitates the documentation of blood glucose values. Various blood glucose monitoring systems are therefore compatible with ESYSTA and the number is constantly being expanded – on the basis of future-proof interfaces. This results in a large number of smart devices that automate the documentation of blood glucose values. Users not only have a choice, they also save time!

Compatible blood glucose measuring systems


ESYSTA makes daily life easier for patients with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus. The ESYSTA app is designed for this purpose. The app not only helps to automatically transfer the data from ESYSTA-compatible devices, but the data is always with you and ready to hand in the app. Even for treatment devices without an ESYSTA-compatible interface, manual entry enables digital documentation in the secure ESYSTA portal in just a few seconds. And best of all, the app gives patients individualized advice on how to implement their diabetes therapy based on individual treatment data.

Patients have the option of sharing their data with selected treatment teams via the app.

Thanks to the ESYSTA app, patients have their diabetes management firmly in their hands.



ESYSTA makes life with diabetes easier with digital support. The ESYSTA app can be used for quick access to important diabetes data on the go. At home or if a smartphone is not available and a computer or tablet with an internet browser is preferred, patients can log into the ESYSTA portal.

If the practice teams are authorized, they can also view the data of all ESYSTA patients quickly and efficiently via the ESYSTA portal. As ESYSTA is approved as an information-secure and scientifically validated medical device, it can even be used for remote treatment and telemedical care, even if patients cannot be present in the practice.

Best of all, no software or driver installations are required to use the ESYSTA portal. It works on any computer or tablet with an internet connection.


A system with
many advantages


The ESYSTA system keeps the diabetes diary completely automatically.
Patients measure and inject as usual with the ESYSTA-compatible devices.
The devices take care of everything else fully automatically.
Result: The diabetes diary is filled out completely and correctly without any additional time expenditure.


Was the right insulin injected at the right time? How have the values changed compared to the previous day?
The traffic light function of the ESYSTA app helps with these and many other everyday questions.
Complete documentation always helps to maintain an overview and avoid application errors. Supplementary information supports the correct use of treatment devices and motivates patients to implement the therapy recommended by the treatment team.
Result: Patients gain confidence in dealing with their diabetes and physical well-being.


Patients can share their ESYSTA diabetes diary with their treatment team.
This means that accurate and up-to-date values are available in the practice at all times.
Therapy can be optimally adjusted, questions can be answered better and successes can be seen.
With the data already available, even remote treatment options or telemedicine are possible.

How ESYSTA works

The digital health application (DiHA) ESYSTA

Your digital diabetes assistant ESYSTA supports you in your daily diabetes management.

Diabetes patients carry out around 90% of their diabetes therapy independently – at home, on vacation, on business trips, at family celebrations and so on. Experience has shown that in this everyday life with diabetes, small questions and uncertainties often arise that remain unanswered.

Our aim is to support you – always in consultation with your treatment team – in your everyday diabetes therapy. To ensure that you have a reliable contact person for your questions and plans, uncertainties and thoughts, you can share your data with your doctor.

With the app and the ESYSTA Assistant, you can see your successes directly and stay motivated.

With your DiGA activation code, you can use ESYSTA with all its functions and at no additional cost.

We will of course also be happy to support you with your prescription.

More information about DiGA ESYSTA on prescription

We will be happy to keep you up to date with the latest developments in our diabetes coaching. Feel free to contact us at any time or enter your e-mail address here to be informed about news.

    How to obtain ESYSTA

    Visit a doctor

    Your family doctor or diabetologist can prescribe the ESYSTA system for you. Like other aids, it is reimbursed.

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    Send in recipes

    Send us the recipes. You are welcome to print out our postage-paid envelope, then you pay no postage.

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    Get devices

    We will send you your ESYSTA information package as soon as possible and wish you every success with it.

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    Always included:
    High data security

    ESYSTA was developed by a doctor. Our handling of personal data has therefore been based on medical confidentiality from the outset. What does this mean in concrete terms?

    Your data stored at ESYSTA is considered medical data and is subject to special protection. It is stored on high-security servers in Germany and treated in strict confidence. Even your doctor will only be granted access to your data with your express consent.

    In addition, the entire ESYSTA system is certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001, the leading international standard for information security.

    Is the security of your data also very important to you? You can find out all the details about how we handle the data entrusted to us in our privacy policy.

    More about data protection

    We are here for you.

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      Copyright by Empera GmbH E-Health Technologies 2019. All rights reserved.