The ESYSTA portal

“Seeing that I can really have a positive influence on my values has given me courage.”

Regine, ESYSTA patient, 53 years old

“I would like to see a diabetes management system like this become standard in GP medicine as part of digitalization and telemedicine.”

Dr. Marco Krüger, specialist in general medicine, Gnoien


“The seamless recording by ESYSTA enables me to ‘hunt for clues’ when I think my blood sugar levels are inexplicable.”

Stephanie Haak, ESYSTA patient, Berlin

The ESYSTA portal

The ESYSTA portal

ESYSTA makes life with diabetes mellitus easier. The ESYSTA app for patients is available for quick access to diabetes data on the move, and a computer or tablet with an internet connection can be used at home. If the treatment team is authorized, the ESYSTA portal can also be used here to provide simple and efficient control or advice using the digital ESYSTA data.

As ESYSTA is validated and approved as an information-secure medical device, it can even be used for remote treatment or telemedicine. No additional software or driver installations are required to use the ESYSTA portal; a computer or tablet with an internet connection is sufficient.

Digital diary

ESYSTA Portal – Fully automatic transmission of treatment data

The ESYSTA Portal seamlessly displays the transmitted blood glucose values, bread units and insulin doses. Special algorithms continuously analyze the data of each patient and display it clearly. The quick overview of critical values or incorrect doses, coupled with fast communication between doctor and patient, brings a new level of quality to diabetes treatment.

The ESYSTA portal is CE-registered as a medical device under the number DE/CA76/H00075/05.

Worldwide, easy web access to the ESYSTA Portal via internet browser (tablet or computer) and display of the relevant parameters for each patient and the medical professionals caring for them
Data preparation in clear tables and graphics – complete and comprehensive
A specially developed traffic light function provides information about the metabolic situation
Data can be released to the doctor

To ensure the security of patient data, the ESYSTA portal is operated to the highest security standards in a data center certified by the German Federal Ministry for Information Security (BSI). Emperra’s security standards are also regularly audited by an external data protection officer. In addition, Emperra with ESYSTA is regularly audited and certified to the highest standard by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001.

Minimum requirements:

Firefox: 38 or higher
Chrome: 43 or higher
Internet Explorer: 9 or higher
Opera: 31 or higher
Safari: 6 or higher

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Copyright by Empera GmbH E-Health Technologies 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Empera GmbH E-Health Technologies 2019. All rights reserved.