ESYSTA guarantees certified data security.

“I would like to see a diabetes management system like this become standard in GP medicine as part of digitalization and telemedicine.”

Dr. Marco Krüger, specialist in general medicine, Gnoien

ESYSTA guarantees certified data security.

Digital medical devices

The ESYSTA app is registered as a medical device under the number DE/ CA76/H00075/04 CE, the ESYSTA portal under DE/ CA76/H00075/05 CE. Your data is considered medical data and is subject to the relevant regulations. They are stored in encrypted form on high-security servers in Germany and never leave the country. Access to the data is only possible with the patient’s consent – therefore the patient must give you this consent before we can grant you access to their data in the ESYSTA portal.

A legally compliant database

As the ESYSTA app and the ESYSTA portal are medical devices, you are permitted to use them as “tools to supplement therapy”. This means that you are legally protected if you use data collected by ESYSTA as a basis for therapy recommendations – with your patient’s consent.

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Guaranteed confidentiality

Diabetes patients can use the ESYSTA portal to share their automated diary with their doctor – but not without the patient’s consent, as this involves sensitive medical data. Instead, your patient gives you permission to view their data.

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Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001

The entire ESYSTA system is certified in accordance with the internationally valid ISO/IEC 27001. It is known as the “gold standard of IT security” due to its high requirements and close annual monitoring. If your practice is also certified to ISO/IEC 27001, you will know the procedure from your own experience. We have opted for this certification so that our statements on the subject of data protection are comprehensible and verifiable for you.

Copyright by Empera GmbH E-Health Technologies 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Empera GmbH E-Health Technologies 2019. All rights reserved.