Invest now in the digital future of diabetes management – invest now in Emperra

From now on there is the possibility to invest directly in Emperra and our digital diabetes solution ESYSTA on aescuvest.eu.

Invest in Emperra with Aescuvest

Invest in innovative diabetes solutions with our partner Aescuvest

“Support our mission“

Your possibility

You can now participate in Emperra through our pan-European crowd funding campaign on the Aescvuest.eu platform.

Our crowd funding is based on a prospectus approved by BaFin. This means that it is a formal, public funding campaign.

You can join and invest from as little as €500.

Our crowd-funding campaign is running in 6+ countries in Europe, because the future of digital diabetes management does not stop at borders.

This is how your investment in Emperra pays off:

  1. Innovative: With Emperra you invest in a dynamic start-up whose feet are firmly planted on the ground of medical facts. We develop new ideas. We prove time and again that our innovations are feasible and verifiable medically effective. Only in this way can we achieve sustainable progress – for us as a company, for our investors and for our users.
  2. Human: They help diabetics to live healthier and better lives. At the same time, you contribute to relieving the burden on the healthcare system, because better-adjusted diabetics mean savings in costs for the treatment of the numerous, serious secondary diseases of diabetes, but also avoidable human suffering. Emperra continues to actively participate in scientific research in the fight against diabetes mellitus.
  3. Financially: You are investing in the digital future of medicine – which, after lengthy announcements, is currently taking off. The coronavirus pandemic is causing an acute increase in the need for remote treatment worldwide. In Germany, this issue is also receiving socio-political support from the Digital Supply Act (DVG).

The best time for digital diabetes management so far is now!

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